Triathlon Training - Managing Arrhythmia

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Arrhythmic heart rates have plagued me all week, causing me much concern and lost training.

Went for a scheduled 16km run after doing marshaling duty for the ECTA tri development race on Sunday.  Cruised comfortable with HR at 124bpm for 7km before a sudden increase up 240bpm and feeling light headed.

I Walked 500m to settle things down, then started running again and felt something “click” right with a surge of strength and energy and return to normal HR. Nevertheless I decided to cut the long run short after 10km.

So yesterday (Monday 23/11) I went back to my doctor to discuss the whole issue and re-evaluate the specialists report of the examination I had done before going to the WTC in Australia.

The report definitely found no reason for me to discontinue high intensity sport, so the doctor prescribed a very low dose of Verapamil (Verahexal 240 – half tab daily) which is used to manage certain arrhythmia conditions such as mine.

Of interest, it was my own internet research that lead me to this drug recommended by a sports cardiologist:-

Maybe it was just in the head,  but I felt almost immediate relief with palpitations and HR fluctuations subsiding. Swim session yesterday evening also felt much better and waking HR was a steady 54bpm this morning. As I type now it is sitting comfortably between 50 – 55bpm.

Took an easy 40km ride to Schoenies (with drills) this morning in strong easterly (hey, this wind just doesn’t want to let up!). Time was rather slow with legs feeling quite lethargic (perhaps due to no riding and lots of sitting last week) and I actually battled to get my heart rate up to 124bpm (70%). This of course may also be the effect of the drug…

I have been delaying my registration for the 70.3 being unsure of my injury/arrhythmia/progress allowing me to be ready in time. Friday 27 November is the last day for late registrations, so it is decision time soon. I am still not confident and will need the next 3 days to see how things go….

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