Sports Supplements – Creatine For Endurance Athletes

Creatine supplements can boost your endurance training without encouraging weight gain

The correct dose of creatine will improve endurance athletes performance without making them gain weight!

Creatine (methylguanidine-acetic acid) was discovered in 1832, but athletes have been taking it – in hopes of improving their performances – for only the last 10 years. Over […]

Original Cal-Mag Formula - Natural sleeping draught and pain suppressant

Calcium Magnesium Ratio

The proven ratio used in the Cal-Mag Formula is one part elemental magnesium to two parts elemental calcium.

As the Cal-Mag Formula calls for precise amounts of these elemental substances, some further explanation of these quantities should be given here.

The Cal-Mag Formula is made using the compounds calcium gluconate and magnesium carbonate. Both of these […]

Sports nutrition - A training strategy for protein consumption

A comprehensive and well researched article for those who want to optimise their nutrition to maximise performance which could give them the edge over their competition. Mike.

There is more to protein intake than simply eating the right amount

There’s more to protein nutrition than just eating the optimum amount; the timing of consumption and the type […]

Sports Nutrition - Does sodium bicarbonate supplementation improve performance?

Joe Friel in his book “Going Long” talks about the use of potassium bicarbonate to reduce blood acidity as well. His motivation for this revolves around the fact that our blood increases in acidity with age, and the use of this supplement would reduce aging symptoms. From the evidence in this article using sodium bicarbonate to […]

Nutrition - The role of protein in sports performance

This is an absolute MUST read! The best article I have ever read on the subject. It is based on proven scientific research (references included) without any commercial hype, and dispels all the common myths. – Mike

How much protein do athletes need and how safe are high-protein diets?
Protein is not just an essential nutrient, but the […]