Getting the Best Tri-Suit

For every activity, there is apparel that goes with it, and for triathlon athletes, a Tri Suit is their go to apparel for it can be worn for all the levels of triathlon. While some people choose to wear their Tri Suit under their wet suit, most will only wear their Tri Suit and start their […]

Triathlon Training - New Newton Running Shoes

At last a pair of running shoes made for me!

These shoes are absolutely amazing. Took them on a 10km run and straight out the box they felt completely comfortable as though I had been wearing them for months.

They are also very light with a spacious toe box to accommodate my long toes and wide forefoot, and […]

Triathlon Training - 3-Part Periodization Plan for Running

Periodization can be quite a complex subject, but this article helped me to at least understand the basics. Although written specifically for running, I dare say the same principles could be applied to all three triathlon disciplines. Mike

With all the workouts you try to fit in—long runs, tempo miles, track intervals, hill repeats, strength training—sometimes it […]

Running Techniques - Getting back to basics

Still being a novice runner, I find these basic running technique drills very useful. But then again a daresay that much like swimming drills, there will always be a need to practice these regularly no matter what one’s level – Mike

Running Techniques: Technique drills for runners are usually performed using three activities – marching (walking), skipping […]

Eye Openers - Belly Breathing

So breathing is something natural that we have done every moment of our lives and so should not require any “learning” for an athlete. I mean if you are getting breathless you just need to get fitter right? Oh how wrong! Thanks Natalie for opening my eyes about this. Also some amazing reading at – […]