Getting the Best Tri-Suit

For every activity, there is apparel that goes with it, and for triathlon athletes, a Tri Suit is their go to apparel for it can be worn for all the levels of triathlon. While some people choose to wear their Tri Suit under their wet suit, most will only wear their Tri Suit and start their […]

Triathlon Training – Swim Fast to Get Fast Part 2

By Gale Bernhardt

In an earlier column, I encouraged you to try some fast 25s to boost your swimming speed. People have been trying the workouts and, lo and behold, they are swimming faster. Excellent!

Now that you’ve mastered some of the shorter workouts, let’s bump the distance up some. Below […]

Triathlon Training – Swim Fast to Get Fast

By Gale Bernhardt

I completely agree that doing form drills to practice good swimming technique is critical to the process of becoming a faster swimmer. That written, you cannot expect that slow and purposeful drills will increase your sustained swimming speed if you never swim fast.

Certainly, a beginning swimmer […]

Triathlon Swimming - Handling big seas in an easterly blow

Didn’t even want to go try for a sea swim today because of the rough conditions in strong easterly winds, until Alec Riddle challenged us all through email to put on our “big boy pants” with a promise that the beer would taste better afterward!

Couldn’t believe what I saw when I got to the beach. Never […]

Triathlon Swimming - Are there shark attractant or repellent colours?

I have often thought that the colour of my Orca wetsuit too closely resembles that of a seal which is after all prime shark food. So I got to wondering if there is any data on shark attractant or repellent colours, and if so, why are wetsuit manufacturers not making them accordingly?

It seems too little research […]