Can I Use Wearable Tech Without Being on a Fitness Plan?

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Wearable tech, while the marketplace is most definitely being geared in the direction of fitness plans, is usable for a great deal of other factors also. It’s never simply for individuals that are on a fitness plan. Not only are there different types of wearable tech offered for different things, yet they’re exceptionally adaptable relying on […]

The Need to Monitor Fitness Levels to Improve.

Being fit and healthy is a great way to spend free time – not just because it’s what the media is pushing on us, but it strengths you from the inside out and gives you a much better shot at a longer life compared to those who aren’t active and don’t do much moving around or […]

Triathlon Training – Swim Fast to Get Fast Part 2

By Gale Bernhardt For

In an earlier column, I encouraged you to try some fast 25s to boost your swimming speed. People have been trying the workouts and, lo and behold, they are swimming faster. Excellent!

Now that you’ve mastered some of the shorter workouts, let’s bump the distance up some. Below […]

Triathlon Training – Swim Fast to Get Fast

By Gale Bernhardt For

I completely agree that doing form drills to practice good swimming technique is critical to the process of becoming a faster swimmer. That written, you cannot expect that slow and purposeful drills will increase your sustained swimming speed if you never swim fast.

Certainly, a beginning swimmer […]

Triathlon Training – Strength training for distance runners

Can lifting weights help middle distance runners run faster or further with no corresponding improvements in aerobic fitness?

James Marshall looks at the evidence.

Resistance training (RT) takes many forms, including strength training, power training, plyometric training, muscular endurance and hypertrophy (increasing muscle size) work. Most of these forms, […]