Sports Nutrition - Medium-Chain Triglycerides

This is a follow up article on the previous one I posted entitled “Sports Nutrition – It is essential you include fat in your diet” and which expands on the use of medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs). Mike.

Medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) are a special class of fatty acids. Normal fats and oils contain long-chain fatty acids (LCTs). […]

Sports Nutrition - It is essential you include fat in your diet

An extremely informative article on the vital need for increasing Omega-3 oils in our otherwise highly deficient modern diets, as well as some interesting benefits for endurance athletes when consuming medium-chain fats in sports drinks. Mike.

Fat is necessary to absorb key vitamins and assists carbohydrate in providing you with energy

After all, dietary fat is necessary […]

Original Cal-Mag Formula - Natural sleeping draught and pain suppressant

Calcium Magnesium Ratio

The proven ratio used in the Cal-Mag Formula is one part elemental magnesium to two parts elemental calcium.

As the Cal-Mag Formula calls for precise amounts of these elemental substances, some further explanation of these quantities should be given here.

The Cal-Mag Formula is made using the compounds calcium gluconate and magnesium carbonate. Both of these […]

Recovery Training - Finding the right balance between hard work and recovery

This is the third article in this excellent series containing absolutely vital information about programming training for maximum gains. Every athlete owes it to themselves to thoroughly grasp and apply these concepts. Mike.

Too much hard training can devastate your muscles and implode your immune system.

Creating a great training programme is not just a matter of writing […]

Recovery Training - Speeding recovery for progressive gains

This article continues to expand on the preceding ones published in this blog, and which should form the basis upon which all good training programmes are designed. You can only train as well as you are recovered. Lessons hard learned… Mike.

Carrying out great training is not just a matter of conducting tough, high-quality workouts. If […]