Triathlon Swimming - Warmup and preparation

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Triathlon Swim Warmup and PreparationThis video reinforces the previous article I posted on swimming and arrhythmia which also highlighted the importance of a proper warm up in preparation for the triathlon swim as an essential aspect of ensuring your safety… Mike

With triathlon races involving a mass start, it is important to be aware of your safety when in the water. This video will tell you all you need to know about warming up for the start of a race and how you can prepare for the various different types of water conditions you can experience during a race.

Staying safe is imperative whether training or racing, so make sure you are familiar with your surroundings and know where to find help. Training with another person is strongly advised, especially when in open water such as the ocean or in a lake. Developing special skills such as skulling and gliding will not only help you should you get into trouble; they can be used during a race to make you faster and save energy.

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