Triathlon Training - The role of stretching in sports performance

I’ve been an ardent fan and advocate of stretching routines since I started going to the gym in 2003, and so would never have thought that my knowledge of the subject could be considered so inadequate, until I read this article… Mike

What science has to say about the performance benefits of stretching and flexibility exercises

Flexibility […]

Triathlon Training - Managing Arrhythmia Part 2

Today is an extremely sad day for me…

My waking HR is still all over the place for the last 3 days now – 32bpm to 119bpm. Further research indicates that the drug Verapamil may not always be the way to go in treating arrhythmia, and in fact in the long term may even worsen the condition […]

Nutrition - Carbo loading without overloading on glucose

At last an authoritative no BS article on how to be fully fueled and at your best on the start line for that big race – Mike.

Glycogen without glucose gluttony: your new carb strategy for optimum performance.

If you can work out a way to boost your muscle glycogen to supra-normal levels, your performances in […]

Triathlon Training - Managing Arrhythmia

Arrhythmic heart rates have plagued me all week, causing me much concern and lost training.

Went for a scheduled 16km run after doing marshaling duty for the ECTA tri development race on Sunday.  Cruised comfortable with HR at 124bpm for 7km before a sudden increase up 240bpm and feeling light headed.

I Walked 500m to settle things down, […]

Triathlon Swimming - Warmup and preparation

This video reinforces the previous article I posted on swimming and arrhythmia which also highlighted the importance of a proper warm up in preparation for the triathlon swim as an essential aspect of ensuring your safety… Mike

With triathlon races involving a mass start, it is important to be aware of your safety when in the water. […]