Triathlon Training – Strength training for distance runners

Can lifting weights help middle distance runners run faster or further with no corresponding improvements in aerobic fitness?

James Marshall looks at the evidence.

Resistance training (RT) takes many forms, including strength training, power training, plyometric training, muscular endurance and hypertrophy (increasing muscle size) work. Most of these forms, […]

Triathlon training – Why swimming, cycling and running is not enough

The triathlete’s winter “off season” is no doubt the best time to get down to some productive gym work so as to start the next season even stronger. This article sets out the rationale and a good programme… Mike

It’s time to tear up the ‘old school’ rulebook…
There’s a revolution going on in sports training – and […]

Triathlon Training - Gym exercises to improve swimming performance

Swimming is my second weakest discipline, and whilst undoubtedly technique and streamlined efficiency (low drag) in the water is paramount, there is also a lot to be gained by improving relevant muscular strength and endurance. Mike

Swimmers need to follow a programme of exercises that replicate their actions in the water as closely as possible.

To optimise […]