Triathlon Swimming - Are there shark attractant or repellent colours?

I have often thought that the colour of my Orca wetsuit too closely resembles that of a seal which is after all prime shark food. So I got to wondering if there is any data on shark attractant or repellent colours, and if so, why are wetsuit manufacturers not making them accordingly?

It seems too little research […]

Sports Nutrition - Does sodium bicarbonate supplementation improve performance?

Joe Friel in his book “Going Long” talks about the use of potassium bicarbonate to reduce blood acidity as well. His motivation for this revolves around the fact that our blood increases in acidity with age, and the use of this supplement would reduce aging symptoms. From the evidence in this article using sodium bicarbonate to […]

Triathlon Training - New Newton Running Shoes

At last a pair of running shoes made for me!

These shoes are absolutely amazing. Took them on a 10km run and straight out the box they felt completely comfortable as though I had been wearing them for months.

They are also very light with a spacious toe box to accommodate my long toes and wide forefoot, and […]

Triathlon Training - Goal Weight!

The bathroom scale hit my goal weight of 80kg this morning. 5kg of silly season flab gone!

Would still like to get down to under 78kg, but will only do that after EC Champs on the 31st January, as the last time I tried that I got sick with ‘flu.

Going to try again as it may not […]

Eastern Cape IM 70.3 Athletes Rock!

Congratulations to all our EC podium finishers for their outstanding age group performances in the 2010 IM 70.3 at East London on the 17th of January:-

San Marie Woite – 1st
Richard Wright – 1st
Alec Riddle – 1st
Mariette Hattingh – 1st
Corne van der Ryst – 1st
Pat Thompson – 1st
Margie Saunders – 1st
Rolfe Kordes – 1st
James Cunnama (Pro) – […]