Nutrition - The role of protein in sports performance

This is an absolute MUST read! The best article I have ever read on the subject. It is based on proven scientific research (references included) without any commercial hype, and dispels all the common myths. – Mike

How much protein do athletes need and how safe are high-protein diets?
Protein is not just an essential nutrient, but the […]

Running Techniques - Getting back to basics

Still being a novice runner, I find these basic running technique drills very useful. But then again a daresay that much like swimming drills, there will always be a need to practice these regularly no matter what one’s level – Mike

Running Techniques: Technique drills for runners are usually performed using three activities – marching (walking), skipping […]

ECTA Development Triathlon 25 Octocer 2009 - Olympic Distance

My first Olympic Triathlon since WTC. Tried to take it easy. Wanted to relax and enjoy it more than anything, but in a race find it difficult to keep throttling back!  Strong westerlies and long swim course (felt closer to 2km!). Swim + T1 = 41min. – Bike + T2 = 1hr 21 min (av HR […]

Eye Openers - Belly Breathing

So breathing is something natural that we have done every moment of our lives and so should not require any “learning” for an athlete. I mean if you are getting breathless you just need to get fitter right? Oh how wrong! Thanks Natalie for opening my eyes about this. Also some amazing reading at – […]

Sports Drinks - Recovering with hypotonic, isotonic and hypertonic drinks

Never fully understood this stuff until I read this article, which also explains why it may not be a good idea to only drink plain water after exercise in an effort to cut carbohydrates for weight loss – Mike

The importance of post-exercise rehydration

Athletes at all levels often train more than once a day, which means […]