How To Prevent And Treat Cancer – In A Nutshell

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Since today 1 in 2 people will get cancer in their lifetimes, cancer prevention is of primary importance, and the proper treatment of cancer then lies in knowing and removing the causes, and not in drugs and radiation!

I do not support these cancer fund raising schemes because what little of the money that does eventually get spent on the cancer condition, none of it is spent on cancer prevention, but instead goes to the pharmaceutical industry to develop more ineffective and exorbitantly expensive drugs to sell to the sufferers! So why would they want to prevent it anyway?

I would love to have the public donate money to my business for similar purposes!

Cancer is not a disease, but a lifestyle condition that has seen the incidence rate increase over the last 80 years from around 1 in a 100 to the 1 in 2 it is today. We all have some cancer cells in our bodies at one time or another, but the body’s normal healthy immune system is designed to cope with this.

The immune system gets overwhelmed when firstly the number of these cells become too large through exposure to carcinogenic substances found in chemical compounds such as pesticides, preservatives, colourants, flavourants, air/water pollution etc., and/or secondly, the immune system itself is weakened through sugar consumption and poor nutrition (grains, processed foods).

Sugar is the real enemy agent! Firstly it seduces one with an addiction to it’s sweet flavour and the belief that life would be intolerable without it, secondly, cancer cells use sugar to prevent their apoptosis (cell death) and could not survive without it, and thirdly it destroys the pancreas and the immune system – in other words sugar feeds the enemy and sabotages the defences!

The formation of a cancerous tumor is the overwhelmed immune system’s final desperate attempt to contain the rapidly spreading cancer cells…

Of further interest to those following an LCHF nutrition plan (Banting), when one is fat adapted for one’s energy using ketones instead of carbs and sugar, cancer cells cannot use these ketones to prevent their apoptosis, and will die off.


  • The basic message is “Get Back To Nature”!
  • Avoid all sugar, honey and sweeteners.
  • Avoid all grains.
  • Avoid all processed foods – use fresh organic fruit and veg., and free range meat and poultry.
  • Avoid low fat and fat free dairy. Use full cream products from hormone free, grass fed cows.
  • Use natural household and personal care/hygiene products.


As a dedicated triathlon/Ironman athlete, I too considered that I had got this healthy lifestyle thing well sorted until I was diagnosed with rectal cancer.

It was a real wake up call to discover what I had been doing wrong, and some of the things I uncovered are briefly outlined in this post, the chief of which were the processed foods, sports supplements, gels, bars and energy drinks – all loaded with sugar.

In those early stressful days I too was persuaded to undergo chemoradiation in an attempt to shrink the tumor before surgery. Not only did this not succeed at all, but it left me in a worse position for surgery, and with permanent damage to my prostate and organs as well as prolonging the whole post surgery recovery and healing process.

Understandably I refused the recommended post operative chemo, and instead changed my lifestyle as described here, as well as taking Graviola; a natural product produced from a South American bush that has been used extensively by indigenous tribes and is 10,000 times more effective than chemo without any side effects.

You can read about this amazing plant and it’s attempted cover up here:-

Glad I started taking Graviola early on, as given the size and advanced stage of my tumor, the surgeons and oncologists were really surprised that there were no signs of any metastasis with the cancer spreading to other organs in my body.

I am now cancer free for two and a half years, and know I have it beat, but it has not been an easy journey, and I do not wish it on anyone. Believe me, prevention is better than cure, and I cannot advise you strongly enough to take this message very seriously.

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