Injuries - Ankle Sprain Rehabilitation

I sprained my ankle doing the 2008 Port St Francis Summer Series Tri, and it has remained a weakness ever since. Now again I tweaked it with the first Summer Series Tri on 16 December whilst running over the rocky beach, so have started this rehab program to sort it out properly. Mike

Phase 1

1. Band resistance […]

Triathlon Training - 3-Part Periodization Plan for Running

Periodization can be quite a complex subject, but this article helped me to at least understand the basics. Although written specifically for running, I dare say the same principles could be applied to all three triathlon disciplines. Mike

With all the workouts you try to fit in—long runs, tempo miles, track intervals, hill repeats, strength training—sometimes it […]

Injuries - Iliotibial band friction syndrome in triathletes

A very informative article on the causes, prevention and treatment of ITB issues. Mike

What it is

The ITB is the connective tissue band that runs down the lateral side of the thigh and attaches on the lateral surface of the tibial condyle (Gerdy’s Tubercle). The ITB originates from the Tensor Fascia Latae (TFL) muscle […]

Triathlon Training - Endurance strength training for runners

Endurance runners will benefit more from these strength exercises than with the traditional squats, leg presses, leg extensions and hamstring curls. Mike.

These three strength-training exercises will improve your stride length and frequency

If you’re an endurance runner, should you carry out regular strength-training workouts? Not a single published scientific study has linked […]