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Breakfast MixBeing a bachelor and non-cook, I have to be quite inventive to produce meals that are quick and easy to prepare, tasty enough to withstand daily repetition, and sufficiently nutritious to meet my training needs.

If you’d like to try it, here is my Breakfast Mix (Good Boy Porridge). It’s tasty as well as super-nutritious and my favourite meal of the day.

Mix well all of the following ingredients into a 5 litre Tupperware container or plastic bucket with lid:-

1.    2 x 500 gram Wheat Free ProNutro (I like banana flavour at the moment).
2.    500 gram Pure Soy Protein (Natures Own Pharmacy – Atrium)
3.    2 Packets ground Magic Seeds (Natures Own Pharmacy – Atrium)
4.    500 gram Sunflower Seeds (Natures Own Pharmacy – Atrium)
5.    500 gram Rolled Oats (Natures Own Pharmacy – Atrium)
6.    200 gram Sesame Seeds (Natures Own Pharmacy – Atrium)


1.    I use 2 heaped 50ml scoops with about 200ml water (or milk if you really must) for desired consistency.
2.    Sweeten to taste preferably with Stevia Powder (Natures Own Pharmacy – Atrium) to avoid sugar.
3    Mix in 1 tablespoon of Flaxseed Oil (or Canola Oil) for Omega 3.
4.    Cover “porridge” with a good layer of plain unsweetened low fat yogurt (I like Nutriday) – about 6 to 8 heaped teaspoons.
5.    Slice one medium banana over the top.
6.    Sprinkle some unsweetened Trumps Cocoa powder over all of it (mainly for the chocolate cravings, but it’s also a good antioxidant).

This mix lasts me a month, and I sometimes have more than one serving a day. It’s high in both protein and fibre so also helps keep one regular.

You could also sweeten the yogurt by sprinkling a little of the Stevia powder over it. Stevia is VERY sweet, and the only naturally occurring sweetener that actually has health benefits!

“Good Boy Porridge” may not be suitable for an early race day meal (but the night before should be good) as the fibre could have you needing to run without a place to go! Just plain Jungle B’fast would then be the better option, but still with the yogurt, banana and cocoa powder. It’s higher carb and low fibre.



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