Eastern Cape IM 70.3 Athletes Rock!

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Congratulations to all our EC podium finishers for their outstanding age group performances in the 2010 IM 70.3 at East London on the 17th of January:-

San Marie Woite – 1st
Richard Wright – 1st
Alec Riddle – 1st
Mariette Hattingh – 1st
Corne van der Ryst – 1st
Pat Thompson – 1st
Margie Saunders – 1st
Rolfe Kordes – 1st
James Cunnama (Pro) – 2nd
Adrian Clarke – 2nd
Lesley Wood – 2nd
Terry Thornton – 3rd
Shannon Dale Kirkhoff – 3rd
Bettina van Wyk – 3rd
Liza Marie Bright – 3rd
Justin Gray – 3rd
Johan Barnard – 3rd
Trevlyn Lotz – 3rd

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