Triathlon Swimming - Methods to improve swimming speed

I found this article particularly interesting for the information it contains on drafting, body roll and the need for developing a strong kick if you want to be amongst the top triathlon swimmers… Mike

By applying new research courtesy of fluid dynamics and supercomputers, every swimmer can swim faster

The science of swimming is extremely complicated, involving the […]

Triathlon Swimming - Kicking issues

I really struggle with anything more than a two beat kick when swimming, as I have the classic “runners kick” with poor ankle flexibility. The result is that I virtually kick myself to exhaustion with next to no additional forward propulsion. This then of course adversely impacts on the rest of my freestyle stroke and only […]

Triathlon Training - Swimming and arrhythmia

This is so frustrating!

Been looking forward the whole week to doing the ORS 2km ocean race on Sunday, then woke in the morning with headache, tight chest, cough and marked arrhythmia, and so had to cancel the idea.

Having MVP and associated arrhythmia, my heart is very sensitive to my body being anything less than 100%. I […]