Triathlon Training - Riding in wind rocks

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Went down to Hobie Beach this afternoon to check out conditions for a bike training session, and was not feeling very enthusiastic with the strong easterly blowing and huge sea running.

It was with some trepidation then that I donned my gear and set off for the 42km to Schoenies and back . My programme called for the big chain ring (70+ rpm) and easy/hard zones 2/3 with some bike drills.

However, once warmed up and going my mood changed dramatically, as it’s quite something doing one leg (dominant) drills at 50kph – downwind!

Then even on the way back it was so exhilarating working into the wind, hunkered low down on the tribars feeling the buffeting and constantly shifting through the gears to maintain the desired training parameters.


Amazingly I got off the bike in a time of 1hr 20min and felt really energised! Of course there needs to be long hard sessions that push the limits, but perhaps this is the way one should feel after most training.

Also need to rethink this thing of scurrying off to the indoor trainer as soon as the breeze picks up a bit…

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