Nutrition - The basic idea

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I am a firm believer in “you are what you eat”.

One of the biggest indictments on our education curriculum is it’s failure to equip us with some of the most essential information that we will need daily throughout our lives.

Proper nutrition heads the list.

When I embarked on this fitness journey back in 2003, I read and followed religiously the book “Body for Life” (BFL), which placed huge emphasis on good nutrition, and I owe my dramatic turnaround and (bodybuilding) success to it.

So I think you are definitely on the right track with getting this sorted…

It can be quite a complex subject, but Bill Phillips of BFL managed to create a nutrition plan that is both very effective and easy to follow.

Basically you need to eat 6 (smaller) meals a day consisting of one (your) fist size of protein (lean meat, fish, chicken, eggs or cottage cheese) and one fist size of carbohydrates (fruit, veg, salad, bread, grain or cereal). Even when eating out it is quite easy to stick to this.

Whilst the body can convert and store carbohydrates for energy, it cannot do this with protein, so you need to have some with every meal. Protein is also what satisfies and keeps the hunger pangs at bay longer.

Other than in sports drinks and gels, slow release low GI (glycemic index) carbohydrates are best.

Include some good oils (flax seed, canola, olive) with each meal, but go easy on the saturated fats (you do need some for testosterone and youthfulness). Avoid all margarines like the plague! They contain poisonous transfats, and butter is much better!

For convenience, you could replace 3 of the solid meals with a good balanced meal replacement “shake”. I do this mid morning, mid afternoon, and at bedtime (something for the body to use for repair/growth during sleep).

Organically produced food is always better, as modern farming is done in nutrient depleted soils – fertilizer only makes the plants grow, but without all the essential nutrients we need.

In the USA they have huge supermarkets that only sell organically produced foods!

It is therefore also essential to supplement with a full range of vitamins and minerals well in excess of the RDAs which are only the minimum required to prevent the display of deficiency symptoms, but not enough to ensure optimal health.

Yeah, and I would rather be peeing out the excess than being deficient.

One day a week is a “free” day to eat what you like ( I call them my “chocolate” days) such as Wimpy brekkies etc. This is essential, not only to satisfy any cravings but also to assist with full recovery and replenishment of glycogen stores etc.

This still forms the basis of my nutrition plan.

For more info and great recipe ideas go here:-



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