Injuries - Ankle Sprain Rehabilitation

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I sprained my ankle doing the 2008 Port St Francis Summer Series Tri, and it has remained a weakness ever since. Now again I tweaked it with the first Summer Series Tri on 16 December whilst running over the rocky beach, so have started this rehab program to sort it out properly. Mike

Phase 1

1. Band resistance work

Push against a resistance band, and you should feel this strengthening the calf muscles and achilles tendon. Start with 3 sets of 10 once a day.

2. Small foot circles

Move foot around in circles against the resistance band. You should feel medial and lateral ankle ligaments lengthening.

Phase 2

3. Seated calf raise.

You should do this exercise seated to build up strength slowly. 3 sets of 10 should be performed.


3b. Seated calf raise with barbell

Add barbell onto knees while doing calf raise

3c. Seated lateral calf raise with barbell

Add barbell onto knees while doing calf raises in a lateral direction to strengthen both lateral and medial ligaments.

4. Calf raise on stable swiss ball with base

5.Wobble board ankle ligament exercise

6. Single leg calf raises on swiss ball with base

Phase 3

7. Heel drop on box with both legs

Ensure you do not over-do this exercise and only do as many as is comfortable to start with, paying careful attention to the achilles tendon

8. Heel drop single leg

Again ensure that you do not over-do this exercise. Do not do as many as the two footed heel drop.

9. Walking calf raises.

Walk pushing yourself up on to your toes on each step. Start doing 20 steps and progress each day until you can do 100

6. Calf raises on a box

The ball of your foot must be all the way on the box. Raise yourself up then back down. There is no need to drop heels on this one.

7b. Calf raises with bar bell.

Phase 4

7. Ladder work

8. Step ups

9. Squat jumps

You must use a mat or spring floor for this exercise. You must use explosive power that comes from the quads and knees. You must not squat too low and must also not pause between jumps to keep the plyometric effect going. Focus on a fixed point otherwise you will migrate across the gym floor.

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