Triathlon training – Why swimming, cycling and running is not enough

The triathlete’s winter “off season” is no doubt the best time to get down to some productive gym work so as to start the next season even stronger. This article sets out the rationale and a good programme… Mike

It’s time to tear up the ‘old school’ rulebook…
There’s a revolution going on in sports training – and […]

Recovery - how the right nutrition can help prevent overtraining

More in the series on recovery and the prevention of overtraining which again emphasises the importance of having a good balanced nutrition programme. – Mike

Specific nutritional practices can prevent overtraining and accelerate exercise recovery

Where should we draw the line between appropriate ‘heavy training’ and overtraining? And are there specific nutritional practices that can prevent […]

Recovery Training - Finding the right balance between hard work and recovery

This is the third article in this excellent series containing absolutely vital information about programming training for maximum gains. Every athlete owes it to themselves to thoroughly grasp and apply these concepts. Mike.

Too much hard training can devastate your muscles and implode your immune system.

Creating a great training programme is not just a matter of writing […]

Recovery Training - Speeding recovery for progressive gains

This article continues to expand on the preceding ones published in this blog, and which should form the basis upon which all good training programmes are designed. You can only train as well as you are recovered. Lessons hard learned… Mike.

Carrying out great training is not just a matter of conducting tough, high-quality workouts. If […]

Endurance Training - Avoiding the no man's land

Latest research indicates that over 90% of our endurance training should be done at a pace so slow that we feel almost “guilty”, with only around 3% going really hard and very little in the so called “tempo”  (no man’s land) zone… Mike

How a train low, train high approach can lead to increased performance

In recent years, […]