Original Cal-Mag Formula - Natural sleeping draught and pain suppressant

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Cal-MagCalcium Magnesium Ratio

The proven ratio used in the Cal-Mag Formula is one part elemental magnesium to two parts elemental calcium.

As the Cal-Mag Formula calls for precise amounts of these elemental substances, some further explanation of these quantities should be given here.

The Cal-Mag Formula is made using the compounds calcium gluconate and magnesium carbonate. Both of these come in white, powdery form. Each is a compound of different substances. In other words, calcium gluconate contains other substances beside calcium; it is not all pure calcium but contains only a percentage of pure elemental calcium. Similarly, magnesium carbonate contains other substances besides magnesium, and includes only a percentage of pure elemental magnesium.

But it is the amount of elemental magnesium in correct ratio to the amount of elemental calcium that is important in the preparation of the Cal-Mag Formula. This does not mean that you use pure magnesium or pure calcium when you make Cal-Mag. Use only calcium gluconate and magnesium carbonate.

Magnesium Carbonate. The desired compound for Cal-Mag, called magnesium carbonate basic, contains 29 % magnesium. (This compound is also sometimes called magnesium alba.)

There are different magnesium compounds with different percentages of elemental magnesium, but using any kind other than that recommended here will give varying amounts of magnesium which will violate the needed ratio of one part magnesium to two parts calcium.

It is magnesium carbonate basic, containing 29 % elemental magnesium which is used in making Cal-Mag and it is essential to ensure that the magnesium carbonate basic which is used is fresh, not old.

Calcium Gluconate: There is only one kind of calcium gluconate compound and 9 % of that compound is calcium, so there is no problem in selecting the correct calcium gluconate compound for the Cal-Mag preparation.

The Cal-Mag Formula

Note, again, that the ratio is one part elemental magnesium to two parts elemental calcium. If one wants to work this out precisely, one can work out the elemental amounts.

The Cal-Mag Formula below has been given the compound amounts:

  • Put 1 level tablespoon of calcium gluconate in a normal-sized drinking glass.
  • Add one half level teaspoon of magnesium carbonate.
  • Add 1 tablespoon of cider vinegar (at least 5 % acidity).
  • Stir it well.
  • Add one half glass of boiling water and stir until all the powder is dissolved and the liquid clear. (If this doesn’t occur it could be from poor grade or old magnesium carbonate, or insufficient cider vinegar.)
  • Fill the remainder of the glass with lukewarm water or cold water and cover.
  • The solution will stay good for two days.

Make a Palatable Cal-Mag

There is warning regarding Cal-Mag. Variations from the above can produce an unsuccessful mess that can taste pretty horrible. It can be made incorrectly so that it doesn’t dissolve and become the most unpalatable, ghastly stuff anybody
ever fed anybody. Possibly when made incorrectly it is even unworkable.

There is also the factor that one should mix the solution in exactly the correct proportions and approach the dosage on the cautious side, as an overdose of magnesium can cause diarrhea. I doubt, however, that as much as three glasses of
properly mixed Cal-Mag would bring about that condition.

Made correctly, Cal-Mag is very clear liquid, pleasant to take and palatable. Thus the directions should be followed very explicitly, to produce a proper Cal-Mag that is both pleasant to take and beneficial.

Cal-Mag has been found to have added benefit of balancing out the vitamin B1 used on the program, as vitamin B1 taken without calcium can cause serious teeth problems by setting up an imbalance of vitamins and minerals.

Handling Withdrawal

The use of Cal-Mag has been used very effectively during withdrawal to help ease and counteract the convulsions, muscular spasms and severe nervous reactions experienced by an addict when coming off drugs (including smoking).
The success of its application for withdrawal cases by drug rehabilitation centers such as Narconon has now been established. Cal-Mag has been reported as effective in withdrawal from any drug, its effectiveness most dramatically
observable with methadone and heroin cases.

Methadone attacks bone marrow and bones so one usually encounters a severe depletion of calcium in methadone users, characterized by severe pain in joints and bones, teeth problems, hair problems. Getting calcium into the system (in the acidic solution in which it can operate), along with magnesium for its effect on the nerves, helps to relieve these conditions.

It has been reported that with use of Cal-Mag, a person can be withdrawn from methadone anywhere from two weeks to three months faster than without its use. This may apply in withdrawal from other drugs as well.

Since drugs (including nicotine) or alcohol burn up the vitamin B1 in the system rapidly, taking a lot of B1 daily when coming off drugs helps to avoid the convulsions which often attend this deficiency. The B1 must, of course, be flanked with other vitamin dosages to maintain a proper balance of needed nutrients. And, accordingly, sufficient quantities of Cal-Mag are needed, both to prevent created mineral deficiencies and to work its wonders in easing and relieving the agonies accompanying withdrawal.

From 1 to 3 glasses of Cal-Mag a day, with or after meals, replaces any tranquilizer and sleeping draught. It does not produce the drugged effects of these (which are quite deadly).

An Easy Mix Method – Herbal Drink

  • Order and mix together 77.5 grams magnesium carbonate and 500 grams calcium gluconate.
  • Put 3 level medicine measures of powder mix and 3 medicine measures of cider vinegar in cup or mug and stir.
  • Fill cup slowly with boiling water while stirring.
  • If mixture is not clear, add a little more cider vinegar as it may not have had the required acidity.
  • Add Rooibos tea bag (or any herbal tea of choice) and sweeten to taste with Stevia powder or liquid.
  • Drink hot or cold 3 times daily, especially last thing at night to sleep well.
  • It is a natural sleeping draught and pain suppressant.
  • Also helps alleviate female PMS, period pains and osteoporosis.
  • Note: On first taking this, some persons may experience mild flatulence and diarrhea which usually clears after a few days as the body adjusts.
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