Triathlon Training - Managing Arrhythmia Part 3

The final piece of the puzzle drops into place…

Well listen up guys and dolls, this is serious stuff that effects all of you! Your sexual health could be at great great risk because of the saddle you use!

On an annual basis, bicycle riding involves several hundred million people worldwide. Studies have linked perineal pressure caused by […]

Triathlon Training - Killing Six Birds With One Stone

Or in one single step how to:-

Train harder.
Recover well.
Manage heart arrhythmia.
Repair calf muscle strain.
Improve overall performance.
Sleep better at night.

It’s funny how one can sometimes grapple with a seemingly complex and unresolvable issue only to discover one day that the solution is quite simple really.

For long now I have been most concerned about my leaking heart valves […]