Sports nutrition - A training strategy for protein consumption

A comprehensive and well researched article for those who want to optimise their nutrition to maximise performance which could give them the edge over their competition. Mike.

There is more to protein intake than simply eating the right amount

There’s more to protein nutrition than just eating the optimum amount; the timing of consumption and the type […]

Sports Nutrition - Does sodium bicarbonate supplementation improve performance?

Joe Friel in his book “Going Long” talks about the use of potassium bicarbonate to reduce blood acidity as well. His motivation for this revolves around the fact that our blood increases in acidity with age, and the use of this supplement would reduce aging symptoms. From the evidence in this article using sodium bicarbonate to […]

Triathlon Training - Goal Weight!

The bathroom scale hit my goal weight of 80kg this morning. 5kg of silly season flab gone!

Would still like to get down to under 78kg, but will only do that after EC Champs on the 31st January, as the last time I tried that I got sick with ‘flu.

Going to try again as it may not […]

Nutrition - Breakfast Mix

Being a bachelor and non-cook, I have to be quite inventive to produce meals that are quick and easy to prepare, tasty enough to withstand daily repetition, and sufficiently nutritious to meet my training needs.

If you’d like to try it, here is my Breakfast Mix (Good Boy Porridge). It’s tasty as well as super-nutritious and my […]

Nutrition - Carbo loading without overloading on glucose

At last an authoritative no BS article on how to be fully fueled and at your best on the start line for that big race – Mike.

Glycogen without glucose gluttony: your new carb strategy for optimum performance.

If you can work out a way to boost your muscle glycogen to supra-normal levels, your performances in […]